Monthly Archives: January 2013

My Perspective on Astrology

AstroVolution: The Spiral Path of Self Discovery AstroVolution as a title was one of those rare epiphanies that seem to come from nowhere, and at the perfect time – just as I started this blog. The prefix “Astro” is fairly obvious as this blog pertains to astrology, and the suffix “Volition”, while for many may…
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Your Predominating Esoteric Decan: Are you a Body, Soul or Spirit Type?

Decans, More than Modifications of you Sun Sign! I've been using decans, as a means of going deeper into the birth charts for a few decades. For those unfamiliar with this astrological teaching, decans are three astrological sub-ruler of each sign,each ruling 10 degrees. Most commonly they are seen as a type "modification" of the…
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