What is Your Void of Course Planet?

What is it? Void of course is any planet that will make no other major aspects with other planets in your chart before leaving the sign it occupies. This makes it easy to find your birth chart, as it’s simply the planet with the highest number of degrees.

Most astrology enthusiasts are familiar with the Void Of Course Moon by transit, and know of its reputation! In horary, astrology (astrology of judgement of a question based on the chart erected at the time of asking), unless other factors mitigate, point to the matter under examination as being irrelevant in some way! Or that the query may be based on a aimless pursuit!

In addition to the void of course moon, other planets also can be void of course, by transit, in the natal (birth chart) and progressed charts. Determining what planet is Void of Course in your natal chart, by progression or by transit, as well the last aspect is always important, as well as the astrological house it falls in and rules in the chart can provide insight into Areas of your life that can tent to be an irritation, or which you tend to disregard or ignore, and may need to work on!

From a karmic (to be continued, please check back soon)

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