Learning Astrology

For My Many Clients and That Have Been Asking

Almost everyone knows their sun sign, or in the common vernacular - simply Your Sign! The question "What is your sign?" often is responded to by "I'm a (insert one of twelve possibilities here), but im not one of those, or I agree with" then a list of astrological stereotypes associated with their sign! Ever wonder why some people epitomize while others bare little resemblance to their sign?

For those who are looking for more than the generalities of their sun sign, most look to their ascendant (rising sign), Moon Sign, and even other planetary sign and house placements! In today's age of Internet, computer software and iPhone, iPad, smart phone and tablet apps, the average person has access to more information than ever before. Including calculating, and interpreting your chart. But once you have it, what then?

To these people, I've created my learning astrology section which I'll share some of the easier techniques you can use to get a deeper insight into the various other factors, and techniques you can use to better understand your chart, or the charts of others!

If you're looking for a professional astrology course so you can hang your astrology shingle on your door, or get a diploma for the wall behind you desk, these articles probably will not meet your needs! My intention is to share simple yet valid techniques that you can use! Most will not require a lot of knowledge, calculations, or experience.

You will need some rudimentary understanding, such as signs, houses, planets, aspects, and a few other components of your astrological chart! For those who are unfamiliar I,ve started an astrological glossary where you'll find these various terms explained!

Failing that, you are welcome to post your questions, and feedback here as well!

Note: With my challenging schedule, most of my articles are written "on the fly", and often published before proofreading! I also often return to update and re-write - so if you see any errors, typos or something doesn't make sense, I welcome your constructive feedback! This blog is a work in progress, so check back often in case there have been important revisions!