About Chandler Armstrong

Who Am I?
chandlerMetaphysics, Esoteric Philosophy, and everything mysterious is in by blood.. literally. My ancestry and family have been connected with organizations such as the Brotherhood of Luxor, as well as Anthroposophy Theosophy and Hermetic Orders from Russia, Germany, the United Kingdoms, Scotland and Poland.

Before co-founding the Body Soul & Spirit Expo, I had a large clientele, and practiced as a metaphysical teacher, astrologer, reiki master, .... and in 2013 I have resolved to re-establish my practice, start to write a book or two, and start lecturing and teaching again!

My current direction is to establish the Body Soul & Spirit Expo as a National Event, build a strong organization around it, (including an online community), and work on creating a more streamlined and automated management system that will allow me more time to follow my passion.

My training in astrology began at a very early age with a passion for metaphysics, eastern and western spiritual traditions, which instilled a great depth to his work, and the wisdom shared in my consultations. I employ several techniques, from several different branches of traditional astrology including Horary Astrology, Cosmobiology, Composite Charts, Electional Astrology, Predictive, Esoteric Astrology and much more.

In addition to astrology, I also has trained is energy healing, various spiritual traditions, and several healing arts, and often employee healing techniques based you your astrological indications (Chakras Balancing, Vibrational Remedies). I taught two very popular workshops in the 90's "Astrology for Healers" and "Healing for Astrologers" which I still get request for to this day, and may be offering again once I've updated my textbooks so they are current!


I offer astrological consultations three days a week anywhere in the world by Phone or Skype as well as in person! All sessions can be recorded and emailed as an mp3 file if pre-arranged! My regular price is $80.00 per 1/2 hour or $120.00 for one hour, however, I'm currently offering introductory sessions for $80.00 per hour, which currently includes preparation time (casting charts, research etc.).

Business Information
Mon 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Wed 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Sat 1:00pm - 8:00pm
Phone (778) 554-0817

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